Episode 6 – Diaries of an Entrepreneur: Jason Bass

 Mark is joined by Jason Hunter, owner of Jason Hunter Design, who discusses his inspiration to becoming an entrepreneur, referencing Robert T. Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money - That The Poor And Middle Class Do Not!" Jason...

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Episode 2 – What is Factoring?

So youʼve watched the first episode, but what is factoring? In this episode, Mark and Hussein define factoring (00:48), how they can help you grow your startup (2:41), the benefits of partnering with a factoring company (4:02), and the industries that benefit the most...

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Epidsode 1 – No Such Thing As Easy Money

DivFunding’s founder and CEO, Mark Little, and COO, Hussein Marquez, discuss the events leading to the company’s origins (1:06), and the complications of small companies obtaining capital after the stock market crash of 2008 (3:47). Then, they discuss the desperation...

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When Should You Hire More Employees?

Is now the right time to hire another employee? Having the right number of employees on hand at any given time is a challenge for every small business. A surge in demand from a successful marketing push, a change in the marketplace, or some factor outside your control...

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Financing My Small Business When the Bank Says “No”

There are a number of reasons why businesses can be rejected for small business loans. Some of the main reasons financing a small business can be tricky are credit scores, lack of experience or planning, and lack of assets or cash flows. Cash flow management is...

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3 Popular Misconceptions About Factoring

The Service is Costly One of the most common questions asked about factoring is in regards to the cost of factoring. Unlike traditional finance where the cost of funds is associated with the amount received, the cost of factoring entails not only the amount of working...

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3 Things to Consider When Choosing Alternative Financing

Every business is different. Financing for one company may not have the same solutions for the next company. Every situation is unique. Maybe you need to acquire major assets, maybe your business is expanding, or maybe you just need working capital. According...

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Invoice Factoring for Veteran Owned Small Businesses

Diversified Funding Services is proud to work together with the men and women who have represented our great nation in uniform. Veterans embody the values that make our nation great, and as you make the transition from military life to entrepreneurship, we are proud...

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